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Noriyuki Higashi widely known as Sarto Domenica, is a bespoke tailor from Japan.

He is one of the first generation of Japanese tailors who have gone to Italy in the last few decades to train and master the Italian tailoring. Noriyuki graduated from a tailoring school in Japan and spent several years working at Ring Jacket (a Osaka tailoring factory) working on the construction of jackets.

With the desire to learn the Neapolitan way of tailoring and to master the techniques, Noriyuki headed to Naples, Italy to train under Antonio Pascariello.

It was an invaluable apprenticeship with Antonio but Noriyuki had to cut short his time due to the birth of his child.

After returning to Japan, Noriyuki had to take on a day job in order to have a stable income to support his family.

He could only make jackets after hours or on sundays and this is how the name Sarto Domenica came about.

                                                                                                  Text by:  Alvin G, Founder of  Last & Lapel  



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Bespoke Tailoring

We offer a true handmade suit and bespoke service all over the world.

When a garment is sewn by hand, its component pieces move with greater freedom, providing more flexibility and range of motion in the finished garment.

Feel for yourself the luxury of a handmade bespoke suit.


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